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Marketing is going through a revolution that rivals the impact of Gutenberg’s printing press. Customers are in control and marketers have become an unnecessary annoyance. It’s more important than ever to have connected marketing that is relevant to customers’ needs across myriad channels. 

Connected marketing that inspires unwavering brand loyalty

Connect is the hands-on resource for succeeding in the new age of marketing that demands organizations create world-class, relevant, and connected customer experiences. Throughout the book, Lars Birkholm Petersen, Ron Person, and Christopher Nash offer quick wins that can be put in place today while at the same time helping to set the long-term vision and planning for effective marketing. The authors—experts in the field of connected marketing—show what it takes to apply new ways of thinking and new processes in order to be relevant to individual customers, to be accessible through multiple online and offline channels, and to link digital goals and metrics to business objectives. This marketing strategy does more than simply increase the customer base; it builds customers to be lifetime advocates.

The authors reveal how to connect with the different groups of customers and their different intents, motivations, emotions, and decision process throughout the different stages of the customer journey. In many organizations— for example, hospitals, municipalities, activist nonprofits, and so forth—they aren’t selling products, but a decision and commitment are still necessary. For most organizations, branding and loyalty are critical to their overall success. To ensure that success, Connect shows how to create marketing that is personal, relevant, and accessible at all touch points throughout a customer’s life cycle, both online and offline.

Connect is a comprehensive and accessible guide to customer focused marketing. It is filled with compelling examples, recommendations, initiatives, work-arounds, and step-by-step processes on how leaders can move their team to a higher level of marketing excellence. The book’s companion website includes a wealth of fresh content, access to frameworks, high-resolution illustrations, templates, organizational assessments, and calculators that will help grow your organization’s customer experience to maturity. 

It’s a tough new world of marketing, but Connect takes you inside this world to see how the winners are jumping ahead of their competitors.

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